Friday, 23 January 2009


Now this looks interesting... but will take me some time to get my head around! MOTU have announced a forthcoming Instrument Plug-In that will take MIDI, automation data or internally generated LFO's and triggers and convert them into DC voltage. This DC voltage can then be routed to the audio outputs of a regular audio interface and travel via audio cables to the CV inputs of a modular synth. 

The audio from your modular synth is then routed BACK into Volta (presumably via an audio interface's inputs) so it effectively acts like a regular plug-in instrument that can be 'frozen', etc. All synced to the tempo of your DAW!

Volta will also continually calibrate your VCO's to be in tune and can work with odd voltage scales such as those used by Buchla.

MOTU claim the resolution of the control data is unlimited with no stepping (compared to MIDI's 128 step resolution). The audio is returned at sample accuracy back to the DAW via Volta and up to 96 channels of DC can be used (four instances of Volta) - providing of course you have 96 spare audio outputs on a bank of audio interfaces.


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