Saturday, 26 June 2010

Sound Obsession - June 2010:

Groove Merchant/LRC Label Special

Jimmy McGriff - Tiki - Groove Merchant
Larry Willis - Out On The Coast - Groove Merchant
O'Donel Levy - Bad, Bad Simba - Groove Merchant
Ramon Morris - First Come, First Serve - Groove Merchant
Buddy Rich - Sierra Lonely - Groove Merchant
Jimmy McGriff & Junior Parker - The Inner Light - Groove Merchant
Groove Holmes - Red Onion - Groove Merchant
Mike Longo - Like A Thief In The Night - Groove Merchant
Reuben Wilson - The Sweet Life - Groove Merchant
Buddy Rich - Three Day Sucker - Groove Merchant
Jimmy McGriff - Purple Onion - Groove Merchant
Lonnie Smith - Straight To The Point - Groove Merchant
Jimmy McGriff - It Feels So Nice - Groove Merchant
Joe Thomas - Polarizer - LRC
Lonnie Smith - Filet-O-Soul - LRC
O'Donel Levy - Freedom and Good Times - LRC
Jimmy McGriff - Space Cadet - LRC
Jimmy McGriff - Flexible Flyer - LRC
Jimmy Ponder - Love Me Right - LRC
Lonnie Smith - Babbit's Other Song - LRC
B. Baker Chocolate Co. - Snowblower - LRC

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

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Movement 2010 Round-Up:

Some reviews of this years Detroit Electronic Music Festival - Movement 2010, including my DJ set at the Movement-Torino Stage:

Book Choice #21:

Marcus Chown: Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You

It's been awhile since my last book choice - not much time for reading lately, due to production and DJ schedule, but I finally managed to finish this excellent attempt at explaining quantum theory. Perfect for a layman with no academic background in physics or maths whatsoever, the book is best read in small chunks in my opinion, as I happen to disagree with the title - it certainly hurt my brain trying to understand the concepts it describes! Highly recommended.