Sunday, 18 December 2011



2. BEN SIMS ft. BLAKE BAXTER: I Wanna Go Back (Drumcode)

3. MIKE DEHNERT: Klartext (Delsin)

4. THE FEAR RATIO: Mas (Blueprint)

5. COSMIN TRG: Fizic (50 Weapons)

6. THE THIRD MAN: More Than One (A.R.T.)

7. SIGHA: The Politics Of Dying (Our Circula Sound)

8. INSTRA:MENTAL: Thomp (Nonplus)

9. CONFORCE: Vulcan (Clone)

10. FLOATING POINTS: Miniature 27 (Eglo)

11. LONE: Dolphin (R&S)

12. CHICAGO SKYWAY/DCOOK: Lager Nord (Obsolete Music Remix) (M>O>S)

13. VRIL: V5 (Giegling Staub)

14. DAX J/CHRIS STANFORD: Programm (EarToGround)

15. ARNAUD LE TEXIER: Ingredients (Children Of Tomorrow)

16. EXIUM: Complex (Rolando Remix) (Pole)

17. KUBA SOJKA: Bright Shadow Of A Star (Mathematics)

18. BLEAK: Ekko (Deeply Rooted House)

19. PAUL MAC: Knocker (Beard Man)

20. ROBERT HOOD: The Family (M Plant)

21. DELTA FUNKTIONEN: Miss Communication (Ann Aimee)

22. THE OLIVERWHO FACTORY: Galactic Transit (Instrumental) (Rush Hour)

23. SELWAY & TUROV: Choo Got It (Interpull)

24. SHADOW MOSES: Papermoon (Lonesome Hero)

25. PHASE: Dome Argus (Token)

Monday, 3 October 2011

Funk All Time Top 100. (1-10)

1. Ray Frazier & The Shades Of Madness - I Who Have Nothing (Stanson)
This incredible piece of West Coast funk just edges it for me as the Number One funk tune of all time. Meaningful lyrics meet insistent groove and rhythm. The production has just the right amount of sophistication of raw grit, coupled with a perfect vocal.

2. Beau Dollar - Who Knows (1970 King)
My pick of the many killer James Brown productions is this intricate slice of funk. One of the rarest JB productions which just happens IMO to be the best.

3. Frankie Beverly's Raw Soul - Color Blind (1971 Gregar)
A far cry from his later mellow hits with mega-group Maze, is this impassioned anti-racism plea from Frankie Beverly.

4. The Believers - Across The Track (1971 BrownStone)
Slick, jazzy James Brown produced funk - written & arranged by JB's musical director Dave Mathews.

5. Herman Hitson - Ain't No Other Way (1972 Sweet Rose)
Raw, energetic funk with hypnotic bass and driving horns.

6. Billy Sha-Rae - Let's Do It Again (Triple "B" Records)
Tough, no-nonsense Detroit funk.

7. Franciene Thomas - I'll Be There (Tragar)
Uptempo diva-funk from the Tragar label out of Atlanta, GA.

8. Pearl Dowell - Good Things (Saadia)
Heavy slice of soulful Miami diva-funk.

9. James Brown and the Famous Flames - There Was A Time (1967 King)
Early James Brown track that laid down the framework for funk in general.

10. James Lewis Fields - How Long Shall I Wait (1973 Top Pop)
Sophisticated small-label funk out of Brooklyn, NY.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Funk All Time Top 100. (11-25)

11. Hank Johnson - You Lost Your Thing (1972 Spear)
Hard hitting vocal funk bomb.

12. Robert Moore - Everything's Gonna' Be All Right (1972 Saadia)
Uptempo funk dancer from Miama, Florida.

13. Joe Quarterman And Free Soul - (I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind (1972 GSF)
Huge rare groove classic with great lyrics!

14. Wee Willie & The Winners - Get Some (1973 Shotgun)
Heavyweight rare groove funk classic out of Brooklyn. Arranged by Meco.

15. Soul Searchers - Blow Your Whistle (1974 Sussex)
Rare groove classic from D.C's Chuck Brown.

16. James Brown - There It Is (1972 Polydor)
My pick of James Browns solo releases is this classic arranged by David Matthews.

17. Landlords & Tenants - Back Up Part 2 (1972 Buddah)
Large production - driving funk on Buddah.

18. Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s - Blow Your Head (1974 People)
Uptempo album only rare groove classic with distinctive Moog synth lead line.

19. Cyril Neville - Gossip (1969 Josie)
A chunky slice of New Orleans funk, with Neville Brother Cyril backed by The Meters.

20. General Crook - Do It For Me (1974 Down To Earth)
Slickly produced vocal funk from Chicago replete with string section.

21. Don Pierce - This Funky Thing (1970 Majesty)
Obscure vocal funk bomb produced by Larry Johnson.

22. Maceo & The Macks - Cross The Track (We Better Go Back) (1974 People)
Massive rare groove anthem produced by James Brown.

23. The Meters - Funky Miracle (1970 Josie)
My pick of the early funk tracks by The Meters is this album only bomb.

24. The Dapps ft, Alfred Ellis - Bringing Up The Guitar (1967 King)
Early 'party' funk classic produced by James Brown.

25. Freddie Wilson - What Would It Be Like (1972 Grandville)
A heavyweight, unashamed James Brown-a-like production.

Funk All Time Top 100. (26-50)

26. Willie Johnson - Lay It On Me (1972 Cat)
Heavy slice of vocal funk from Florida.

27. The J.B.'s - The Grunt (1972 King)
Made legendary by Public Enemy, this is my pick of The J.B.'s solo releases.

28. Billy Sha-Rae - Do It (Spectrum)
Heavy no-nonsense vocal funk out of Detroit.

29. Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers - Right On (1970 Atlantic)
Album only organ led funk. A rare groove classic.

30. Myra Barnes - Super Good (1970 King)
My pick of the many great female funk tracks produced by James Brown.

31. The Third Guitar - Baby Don't Cry (Rojac)
Driving funk with vocals by Eddie Holloway.

32. The J.B.'s - Hot Pants Road (1972 People)
James Brown produced rare groove classic.

33. Milton Campbell & The RDM Band - Sweet Thing (Zoom)
Small label funk with beautiful incredibly catchy chorus.

34. James Brown - Mother Popcorn (1969 King)
Rare groove classic from James Brown's legendary May '69 sessions.

35. Lyn Collins - Mama Feelgood (1973 People)
James Brown produced rare groove classic diva funk anthem.

36. Soul Excitement - Stay Together (Pink Dolphin)
Raucous small label funk bomb.

37. A.A.B.B. - Pick Up The Pieces One By One (1975 I-Dentity)
Slickly arranged by David Matthews - this was James Brown's response to the AWB.

38. Hank Carbo - Bad Luck (HCB)
Tight, well-produced West Coast vocal funk.

39. James Young And The House Wreckers - Barking Up The Wrong Tree (1968 Jet Stream)
Tough vocal funk with R&B sax squeals and wails.

40. All Dyrections - On Top Of It (1973 Buddah)
Well-produced instrumental funk bomb.

41. James Brown - Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn (1969 King)
Classic-era James Brown with insistent horn riff and ceaseless vamp.

42. Keisa Brown - Dance Man (Jazzman)
Previously unreleased diva-funk - rescued from obscurity by Jazzman Records.

43. Funkadelic = A Whole Lot Of B.S. (1971 Westbound)
A more conventional funk track from the P. Funkers.

44. James Brown - Give It Up Or Turnit Loose (1968)
The toughest version of this James Brown classic.

45. Ripple - A Funky Song (1974 GRC)
A rare-groove classic from Atlanta, Georgia.

46. Kool & The Gang - Give It Up (1969 De-Lite)
This album only cut is my pick of the early Kool & The Gang funk bombs.

47. Hank Ballard And The Midnight Lighters - From The Love Side (1972 Polydor)
Another rare groove classic courtesy of James Brown Productions.

48. The Vibrettes - Humpty Dump (1973 Lujon)
Heavy West Coast funk with huge drum break intro.

49. David Batiste and The Gladiators - Funky Soul (1971 Soulin')
Organ-led New Orleans funk.

50. Vicki Anderson - Answer To Mother Popcorn (1969 King)
James Brown produced rare groove classic.

Funk All Time Top 100. (51-75)

51. Billy Wade And The 3rd Degrees - Tear It Up (1968 ABC)
Super-fast funk stomper on the borderline of the UK Northern Soul sound.

52. Alvin Cash & The Registers - Stone Thing (1970 Westbound)
Rare groove classic with phenomenal drum break.

53. United 8 - Getting Uptown (To Get Down)
Well produced piece of East Coast funk by King & Douglass of later Kleeer fame.

54. Barbara & Gwen - Right On (New Chicago Sound)
Diva funk with a social message out of Chicago.

55. Billy "Sugar Billy" Garner - Your Wasting My Time (1971 New Day)
Frenetic piece of hard-hitting midwest funk.

56. Bobby Byrd - I Know You Got Soul (1971 King)
Relentless James Brown produced rare groove classic.

57. Black Haze Express - Won't Nobody Listen (1971 Clintone)
Heavy funk out of Birmingham, Alabama with dramatic intro.

58. Little Beaver - Everybody Has Some Dues To Pay (1973 Saadia)
Mid-tempo southern funk with Tony Allen style drums.

59. Preston Love - Cissy Popcorn (Hudson)
Rare West Coast funk - written by Wilton Felder of The Crusaders.

60. Maceo And The Macks - Soul Power 74 (1974 People)
Classic late-era James Brown produced rare-groove.

61. Mary Love - Born To Live With Heartache (Elco)
Wah-wah driven diva-funk from the West Coast.

62. Pam Kellum - What You See, you Can't Get (1972)
Classy laid-back diva-funk out of Long Beach, California.

63. Mickey and The Soul Generation - Iron Leg (1969 Maxwell)
Jazzy piece of organ-led Texan funk. A rare-groove classic.

64. Lee Dorsey - Give It Up (1969)
Another piece of low down New Orleans funk - backed by The Meters.

65. Charles Mintz - Give A Man A Break (UpLook)
Fast-paced B-Boy classic out of Philadelphia.

66. Bobby Byrd - I Need Help (1973 Brownstone)
Fast-paced rare groove classic produced by James Brown.

67. Eldridge Holmes - Pop, Popcorn Children (1969 Atco)
Hard hitting vocal funk from the Sehorn-Toussaint production team.

68. Gus "The Groove" Lewis - Let The Groove Move You (1968 Tou-Sea)
Hard hitting New Orleans funk with classic drum break intro.

69. Bobby Williams - Funky Superfly (1973 Duplex)
Rare-groove classic southern-funk.

70. Chris Jones - I'm The Man (1970 Goodie Train)
Assertive, stripped down small label vocal funk.

71. Manuel B. Holcolm - I Stayed Away Too Long (1970 Diamond Jim)
Well-produced vocal funk with killer drums.

72. Freddy Wilson - Promise Land (1972 Eastbound)
Unashamedly James Brown influenced funk.

73. Michael Kirkland - The Prophet (1972 Zay)
Upbeat funk from West Coast singer Mike James Kirkland.

74. James Brown - Licking Stick, Licking Stick (1968 King)
Classic James Brown from April 1968.

75. The Meters - Cissy Strut (1969 Josie)
Classic New Orleans minimal funk.

Funk All Time Top 100. 76-100

76. Weston Prim and Backlash - Spider Web (Memphis Express)
Oddball, mid-tempo funk out of Florida.

77. Bobby Byrd - Hot Pants, I'm Coming, I'm Coming (1971 Brownstone)
Classic rare-groove produced by James Brown for his off-shoot label Brownstone.

78. Eugene Blacknell and His New Breed - The Trip (Boola-Boola)
Big sounding funk out of Oakland, California.

79. Larry Ellis and The Black Hammer - Funky Thing (Al King)
Organ led instrumental featuring one of the best intro's in funk.

80. James Brown - Super Bad (1970 King)
Uptempo, classic era-Brown from summer 1970.

81. Renaldo Domino - Let Me Come Within (1970 Twinight)
Stripped down, mid-tempo vocal funk on the Twinight label out of Chicago.

82. The Mighty Hannibal - Get In The Groove (1968 Loma)
My pick of Hannibal's late sixties funk singles for Loma.

83. Smokey Johnson & Company - The Funkie Moon (1969 Intrepid)
Huge sounding horn and organ led instrumental funk.

84. Shelley Fisher - I'll Leave You (Girl) (1970 Kapp)
Dark, moody funk with phenomenal drums.

85. Lou Courtney - Hot Butter N'All (1968 Hurdy-Gurdy)
Hard hitting small label funk from future soul singer Courtney.

86. Angela Davis & The Mighty Chevelles - My Love (Is So Strong) (Flying Arrow)
Driving, afro-beat like funk.

87. Dyke And The Blazers - Let A Woman Be A Woman (1969 Original Sound)
My pick of the singles recorded by Dyke & The Blazers for LA label Original Sound. Well-known for it's classic B-Boy break.

88. Dymanic Walter-B And The New Breed Band - Before I Fall In Love (New Breed)
Small label, southern-soul style funk out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

89. Kool & The Gang - Chocolate Buttermilk (1969 De-Lite)
Another expertly arranged piece of jazz-tinged funk from Kool & The Gang.

90. Dynamic Corvettes - Funky Music Is The Thing (1975 Abet)
Late-era funk classic primarily known for it's huge break. A B-Boy fave.

91. Lee Fields and The Devil's Personal Band - The Bull Is Coming (1974 Angle 3)
Instrumental 'party' funk from the "Little JB" Lee Fields.

92. Leroy And The Drivers - The Sad Chicken (1969 Duo)
Tight, stripped down instrumental funk led by Maceo style sax.

93. Sammy Gordon And The Hiphuggers - Upstairs On Boston Road (1972 Archives)
Large ensemble instrumental 'party' funk from Brooklyn, NY.

94. The Tenth Dymentions - The Bushman (Sapphire)
Large production energetic funk out of Chicago, replete with jungle sound effects!

95. Myra Barnes (Vicki Anderson) - Message From The Soul Sisters (1970 King)
Feminist message funk produced by James Brown. Initial pressings credited to Myra Barnes.

96/ The 2nd Amendment Band - Backtalk (1973 Monet)
Large ensemble band funk out of Washington D.C.

97. The Eddy Jacobs Exchange - Pull My Coat (1969 Columbia)
Jazz maestro Harry Whitaker's take on the Pee Wee Ellis/David Mathews arrangements for James Brown.

98. Ripple - I Don't Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky (1973 GRC)
Flip-side to A Funky Song and a rare groove classic in it's own right.

99. Eric And The Vikings - Get Off The Streets Y'All (1970 Soulhawk)
Piano & rhythm guitar driven instrumental out of Detroit. Produced by Richard "Popcorn" Wylie.

100. Levert Allison - "Sugar Daddy" (1970 Elbejay)
Small label big-hitter out of Nashville, Tennessee.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Kirk Degiorgio joins Dynamix DJ Agency:

**I am very proud to announce I am now represented exclusively by Dynamix DJ agency for all European gigs** Pls contact Natasha at for all European bookings.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Top Ten January 2011

DJ Charts » Kirk degiorgio » Top Ten January 2010
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JEROME SYDENHAM: In The Zone (Drumcode)

SECRET CINEMA: Timeless Altitude (2011 Mix) (Gem)

MARCO SHUTTLE: Spaziale (Vidd)



SAMULI KEMPPI: Crunch (M Rec Ltd)

1XA: Transit Ways (1XA)

O/V/R: Post Traumatic Son (Ben Klock Remix) (Blueprint)

SHAKIR: The Floor Filler (Skudge Remix) (Rush Hour)

FRANCO CANGELLI: Pressure (Mowar)

Sound Obsession: Jan 2011

The Beauty Room presents...

West - Peaceful Times - Epic
Jim Sullivan - Plain As Your Eyes Can See - Monnie
Wendy & Bonnie - The Paisley Window Pane - Skye
Kensington Market - Cartoon - Warner Bros.
Gene Clark - No Other - Atlantic
Rex Holman - Come On Down - Atlantic
Karen Beth - April Rain - Decca
Willow - Ace Man - 20th Century
Roger Rodier - My Spirit's Calling - Columbia
Buffy Sainte Marie - Poppies - Vanguard
White Elephant - More To Love - Just Sunshine
Fever Tree - Unlock My Door - Uni
Bridget St. John - Lizard-Long Tongue Boy - Dandelion
Hoover - I'm Not That Kind Of Man - Epic
Evie Sands - It's This I Am - A&M
Mike Corbett & Jay Hirsh - Uncut Diamonds -Atco
Beau - Sun Dancer - Dandelion
Paul Winter Consort - The Silence Of A Candle - Epic
B.J. Thomas - A Song For My Brother - Scepter
Tim Hardin - It'll Never Happen Again - Verve Folkways
Laurie Styvers - All I Ever Had - Warner Bros.
The Promise Suite - Just Sunshine
Bread - I Want You With Me - Elektra
Hamilton Streetcar - Wouldn't It Be Nice - Dot
Mr. Flood's Party - Deja Vu - Cotillion
Batteaux - Living's Worth Loving - Columbia
Lambert & Nuttycombe - Bird Song - A&M
Laura Nyro - Stormy Love - Columbia
Judy Collins - Since You Asked - Elektra
Janis Ian - From Me To You - Columbia
Morning - As It Was - Vault
Ford Theatre - Postlude: Looking Back - ABC
Mike Corbett & Jay Hirsh - Butterfly Day - Atco
Eric Anderson - Time Run Like A Freight Train - Arista