Monday, 3 October 2011

Funk All Time Top 100. (1-10)

1. Ray Frazier & The Shades Of Madness - I Who Have Nothing (Stanson)
This incredible piece of West Coast funk just edges it for me as the Number One funk tune of all time. Meaningful lyrics meet insistent groove and rhythm. The production has just the right amount of sophistication of raw grit, coupled with a perfect vocal.

2. Beau Dollar - Who Knows (1970 King)
My pick of the many killer James Brown productions is this intricate slice of funk. One of the rarest JB productions which just happens IMO to be the best.

3. Frankie Beverly's Raw Soul - Color Blind (1971 Gregar)
A far cry from his later mellow hits with mega-group Maze, is this impassioned anti-racism plea from Frankie Beverly.

4. The Believers - Across The Track (1971 BrownStone)
Slick, jazzy James Brown produced funk - written & arranged by JB's musical director Dave Mathews.

5. Herman Hitson - Ain't No Other Way (1972 Sweet Rose)
Raw, energetic funk with hypnotic bass and driving horns.

6. Billy Sha-Rae - Let's Do It Again (Triple "B" Records)
Tough, no-nonsense Detroit funk.

7. Franciene Thomas - I'll Be There (Tragar)
Uptempo diva-funk from the Tragar label out of Atlanta, GA.

8. Pearl Dowell - Good Things (Saadia)
Heavy slice of soulful Miami diva-funk.

9. James Brown and the Famous Flames - There Was A Time (1967 King)
Early James Brown track that laid down the framework for funk in general.

10. James Lewis Fields - How Long Shall I Wait (1973 Top Pop)
Sophisticated small-label funk out of Brooklyn, NY.

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Bleed For Me. said...

Finally; I was looking forward to these!

Numbers nine and seven aren't showing up in your post, Kirk. Just displaying red X's instead of the images.

Thanks for taking the time. Awesome list.