Friday, 26 August 2011

Funk All Time Top 100. 76-100

76. Weston Prim and Backlash - Spider Web (Memphis Express)
Oddball, mid-tempo funk out of Florida.

77. Bobby Byrd - Hot Pants, I'm Coming, I'm Coming (1971 Brownstone)
Classic rare-groove produced by James Brown for his off-shoot label Brownstone.

78. Eugene Blacknell and His New Breed - The Trip (Boola-Boola)
Big sounding funk out of Oakland, California.

79. Larry Ellis and The Black Hammer - Funky Thing (Al King)
Organ led instrumental featuring one of the best intro's in funk.

80. James Brown - Super Bad (1970 King)
Uptempo, classic era-Brown from summer 1970.

81. Renaldo Domino - Let Me Come Within (1970 Twinight)
Stripped down, mid-tempo vocal funk on the Twinight label out of Chicago.

82. The Mighty Hannibal - Get In The Groove (1968 Loma)
My pick of Hannibal's late sixties funk singles for Loma.

83. Smokey Johnson & Company - The Funkie Moon (1969 Intrepid)
Huge sounding horn and organ led instrumental funk.

84. Shelley Fisher - I'll Leave You (Girl) (1970 Kapp)
Dark, moody funk with phenomenal drums.

85. Lou Courtney - Hot Butter N'All (1968 Hurdy-Gurdy)
Hard hitting small label funk from future soul singer Courtney.

86. Angela Davis & The Mighty Chevelles - My Love (Is So Strong) (Flying Arrow)
Driving, afro-beat like funk.

87. Dyke And The Blazers - Let A Woman Be A Woman (1969 Original Sound)
My pick of the singles recorded by Dyke & The Blazers for LA label Original Sound. Well-known for it's classic B-Boy break.

88. Dymanic Walter-B And The New Breed Band - Before I Fall In Love (New Breed)
Small label, southern-soul style funk out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

89. Kool & The Gang - Chocolate Buttermilk (1969 De-Lite)
Another expertly arranged piece of jazz-tinged funk from Kool & The Gang.

90. Dynamic Corvettes - Funky Music Is The Thing (1975 Abet)
Late-era funk classic primarily known for it's huge break. A B-Boy fave.

91. Lee Fields and The Devil's Personal Band - The Bull Is Coming (1974 Angle 3)
Instrumental 'party' funk from the "Little JB" Lee Fields.

92. Leroy And The Drivers - The Sad Chicken (1969 Duo)
Tight, stripped down instrumental funk led by Maceo style sax.

93. Sammy Gordon And The Hiphuggers - Upstairs On Boston Road (1972 Archives)
Large ensemble instrumental 'party' funk from Brooklyn, NY.

94. The Tenth Dymentions - The Bushman (Sapphire)
Large production energetic funk out of Chicago, replete with jungle sound effects!

95. Myra Barnes (Vicki Anderson) - Message From The Soul Sisters (1970 King)
Feminist message funk produced by James Brown. Initial pressings credited to Myra Barnes.

96/ The 2nd Amendment Band - Backtalk (1973 Monet)
Large ensemble band funk out of Washington D.C.

97. The Eddy Jacobs Exchange - Pull My Coat (1969 Columbia)
Jazz maestro Harry Whitaker's take on the Pee Wee Ellis/David Mathews arrangements for James Brown.

98. Ripple - I Don't Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky (1973 GRC)
Flip-side to A Funky Song and a rare groove classic in it's own right.

99. Eric And The Vikings - Get Off The Streets Y'All (1970 Soulhawk)
Piano & rhythm guitar driven instrumental out of Detroit. Produced by Richard "Popcorn" Wylie.

100. Levert Allison - "Sugar Daddy" (1970 Elbejay)
Small label big-hitter out of Nashville, Tennessee.

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