Friday, 26 August 2011

Funk All Time Top 100. (26-50)

26. Willie Johnson - Lay It On Me (1972 Cat)
Heavy slice of vocal funk from Florida.

27. The J.B.'s - The Grunt (1972 King)
Made legendary by Public Enemy, this is my pick of The J.B.'s solo releases.

28. Billy Sha-Rae - Do It (Spectrum)
Heavy no-nonsense vocal funk out of Detroit.

29. Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers - Right On (1970 Atlantic)
Album only organ led funk. A rare groove classic.

30. Myra Barnes - Super Good (1970 King)
My pick of the many great female funk tracks produced by James Brown.

31. The Third Guitar - Baby Don't Cry (Rojac)
Driving funk with vocals by Eddie Holloway.

32. The J.B.'s - Hot Pants Road (1972 People)
James Brown produced rare groove classic.

33. Milton Campbell & The RDM Band - Sweet Thing (Zoom)
Small label funk with beautiful incredibly catchy chorus.

34. James Brown - Mother Popcorn (1969 King)
Rare groove classic from James Brown's legendary May '69 sessions.

35. Lyn Collins - Mama Feelgood (1973 People)
James Brown produced rare groove classic diva funk anthem.

36. Soul Excitement - Stay Together (Pink Dolphin)
Raucous small label funk bomb.

37. A.A.B.B. - Pick Up The Pieces One By One (1975 I-Dentity)
Slickly arranged by David Matthews - this was James Brown's response to the AWB.

38. Hank Carbo - Bad Luck (HCB)
Tight, well-produced West Coast vocal funk.

39. James Young And The House Wreckers - Barking Up The Wrong Tree (1968 Jet Stream)
Tough vocal funk with R&B sax squeals and wails.

40. All Dyrections - On Top Of It (1973 Buddah)
Well-produced instrumental funk bomb.

41. James Brown - Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn (1969 King)
Classic-era James Brown with insistent horn riff and ceaseless vamp.

42. Keisa Brown - Dance Man (Jazzman)
Previously unreleased diva-funk - rescued from obscurity by Jazzman Records.

43. Funkadelic = A Whole Lot Of B.S. (1971 Westbound)
A more conventional funk track from the P. Funkers.

44. James Brown - Give It Up Or Turnit Loose (1968)
The toughest version of this James Brown classic.

45. Ripple - A Funky Song (1974 GRC)
A rare-groove classic from Atlanta, Georgia.

46. Kool & The Gang - Give It Up (1969 De-Lite)
This album only cut is my pick of the early Kool & The Gang funk bombs.

47. Hank Ballard And The Midnight Lighters - From The Love Side (1972 Polydor)
Another rare groove classic courtesy of James Brown Productions.

48. The Vibrettes - Humpty Dump (1973 Lujon)
Heavy West Coast funk with huge drum break intro.

49. David Batiste and The Gladiators - Funky Soul (1971 Soulin')
Organ-led New Orleans funk.

50. Vicki Anderson - Answer To Mother Popcorn (1969 King)
James Brown produced rare groove classic.

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