Sunday, 18 January 2009

My Disco Top 150: (71-100)

71. Ultra High Frequency We're On The Right Track (1973 Wand)
Not much to choose between this original and the 1975 version by South Shore Commission with its Tom Moulton mix. The birth of Disco right here.

72. Aquarian Dream Look Ahead (1976 Buddah)
Jazzy piece of uplifting Disco from Norman Connors side-project Aquarian Dream. Vocalists include Sylvia Striplin of "Give Me Your Love" fame.

73. Universe City Can You Get Down (1976 Midland)
Storming piece of funky Disco with a truly ferocious chorus. Produced and arranged by Disco legend John Davis of Monster Orchestra fame.

74. Sounds Of Inner City Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (1976 West End)
The second release on West End and a strictly Philly affair. Produced and arranged by Vincent Montana Jr. and mixed by Tom Moulton. Disco at it's purist.

75. Janice McClain Smack Dab In The Middle (1978 Warner Bros.)
Uplifting track with great vocals - mixed by the legendary Larry Levan and one of the classic Paradise Garage floorfillers.

76. Tata Vega Get It Up For Love (1979 Motown)
Funky Disco written by Ned Doheny of "To Prove My Love" fame, and co-produced by Rufus drummer Andre Fischer.

77. Melba Moore Pick Me Up I'll Dance (1978 Columbia)
Another classic Disco composition from the song-smiths McFadden & Whitehead. Stretched out with a fantastic breakdown by legendary mixer John Luongo.

78. Kleeer Tonight's The Night (1979 Atlantic)
The pick of Kleeer's Disco classics. Sweet vocals over a driving, no-nonsense rhythm track with huge bass.

79. Patti Labelle Music Is My Way Of Life (1979 Epic)
Great lyrics and great vocal performance from soulstress Patti Labelle. Produced by the legendary Skip Scarborough (Bill Withers, Creative Source, Earth, Wind & Fire, etc) and mixed by John Luongo.

80. Gladys Knight & The Pips It's A Better Than Good Time (1978 Buddah)
Moody piece of serious Disco from The Pips. Later mixed and stripped down by DJ/mixer Walter Gibbons.

81. Grey and Hanks Now I'm Fine (1980 RCA)
Funky Disco with huge production released at the tail end of the era. Immaculately arranged by Philly maestro Jack Faith.

82. Love Committee Just As Long As I Got You (1978 Gold Mind)
Philly soul stretched out and twisted by maverick DJ and mixer Walter Gibbons. A conventional track mutates into stripped down, heavily reverbed vocals, haunting strings and wailing electric guitar.

83. Chaka Khan I'm Every Woman (1978 Warner Bros.)
Ashford & Simpson penned classic that is another track that deserves re-appraisal away from its status as perennial office party fave. Stunning production from Arif Mardin and you'll never hear a more powerful vocal performance than this.

84. Sweet Cream I Don't Know What I'd Do (1978 Shady Brook)
Driving piece of Detroit Disco by the Ridgeway sisters - Sweet Cream. They notably went on to feature on the Gene Dunlap album "It's Just The Way I Feel".

85. Chantal Curtis Get Another Love (1979 Key)
Moody piece of exotic Disco released on the small independent Key label in 1979. Quite successful in the UK at the time of release - produced by Pierre Joubert who had some earlier success with the artist Michele on West End Records.

86. Skyy First Time Around (1979 Salsoul)
Extraordinary Larry Levan mix featuring huge syn-drum percussive breakdowns and over-compression effects. Randy Muller's funk-goes-Disco sound is taken to another level.

87. Fantastic Four I Got To Have Your Love (1977 Westbound)
Beautiful slice of Detroit Disco. Mixed by the great Tom Moulton and featuring a killer piano led breakdown and uplifting falsetto bridges. Sweet and solid at the same time.

88. Loose Joints Is It All Over My Face (1980 West End)
On the cusp of the boogie era, this Larry Levan mixed West End classic just about qualifies for the Disco genre. Co-written and produced by experimental genius Arthur Russell with Steve D'Aquisto.

89. Kleeer Keeep Your Body Workin' (1978 Atlantic)
Well produced purist Disco from Kleeer. Later went on to release several soul and funk hits well into the eighties.

90. Oral Caress Charlies Angel's Disco Version (1977 P&P)
Defies all logic to be a serious slice of lush, fully orchestrated boogie down Disco. Huge production, harp and swirling strings - always shocks the dancefloor.

91. The O'Jays I Love Music (1975 Philadelphia Int.)
Joyous Philly classic - originally released in 1975 and later re-released with a full length Tom Moulton mix on 12 inch in 1979.

92. Candido Dancin' and Prancin' (1979)
Slightly overshadowed by it's more popular flipside "Jingo", I prefer this blend of Afro-cuban, Disco and pre-house piano. Moody synth lines and seductive female vocals top it all off.

93. The Salsoul Orchestra You're Just The Right Size (1975 Salsoul)
Serious groover tucked away on the debut Salsoul Orchestra album. Led and produced by Vince Montana Jr and featuring the cream of Philly session musicians.

94. George Duke I Want You For Myself (1979 Epic)
Classic soulful Disco from fusion keyboardist and synth pioneer George Duke. Features the vocals of Lynn Davis.

95. The Invitations We Don't Allow (1977 Red Greg)
A slice of pure, fast-paced Philly Disco from a surprising source - producer Greg Carmichael - better known for more New York style Disco and boogie.

96. Inner Life I'm Caught Up (1979 Prelude)
Title track from the Inner Life album - and released on 12 inch with a mix by Disco expert John Morales. Another killer mid-tempo Patrick Adam's groover.

97. The Trammps Stop and Think (1977 Philadelphia Int.)
Disco pioneers The Trammps released this classic on the album Disco Champs. A fine example of uplifting Philly Disco.

98. Odyssey Native New Yorker (1977)
Uplifting Disco anthem for all those born in New York City.

99. Instant Funk I Got My Mind Made Up (1978 Salsoul)
Philadelphia producer Bunny Sigler's project Instant Funk released this funky classic in 1978. The first significant mix by DJ Larry Levan - rumoured to have taken over from Walter Gibbons who objected to the lyrical content.

100. Five Special Why Leave Us Alone (1979 Elektra)
Soulful Disco and yet another classic mixed by Paradise Garage DJ Larry Levan.

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