Monday, 19 January 2009

My Disco Top 150: (41-50)

41. First Choice Are You Ready For Me (1976 Warner Bros.)
Beautiful Philly Disco produced by Stan "The Man" Watson - available on a rare 3 track promo 12 inch.

42. The Originals Down To Love Town (1976 Motown)
Early Motown Disco classic. Superb vocals - the track really kicks off in the second half.

43. Don Downing Dream World (1974 Scepter)
Earliest of Disco mixes by Tom Moulton - includes one of the first examples of the "Disco break". 

44. Francine McGee Delirium (1978 RCA)
Jazzy, purist Disco with killer rhodes, stripped down arrangement and epic breakdowns.

45. Brown Sugar I'm Going Through Changes Now (1976 Capitol)
Early Philly Disco featuring Clydie King, arranged and produced by Vince Montana.

46. First Choice The Player (1974 Philly Groove)
An early Disco classic from the Allan Felder-Norman Harris partnership. Led by the powerhouse vocals of Rochelle Fleming, First Choice were the archetypal Disco outfit.

47. Linda Clifford Runaway Love (1978 Curtom)
The pick of Linda Clifford's Disco hits from the late seventies. An epic mix by Jim Burgess

48. Donna McGhee It Ain't No Big Thing (1978 Red Greg)
Highlight of a superb Disco album. Mid-tempo, with huge open hi-hats and lazy feel. Written, arranged and produced by Greg Carmichael and Patrick Adams.

49. Moment Of Truth So Much For Love (1976 Salsoul)
Full on, large-scale Philly production. Mixed by the master - Tom Moulton.

50. Darcus It's Got To Be Love (1977 RCA)
One-off side project of Philly writing duo Phil Hurtt (of "Giving It Back" fame) and Richie Rome.

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