Monday, 19 January 2009

My Disco Top 150: (31-40)

31. Ripple The Beat Goes On And On (1977 Salsoul)
Salsoul Disco classic from funksters Ripple. Mixed with epic breakdowns by Jim Burgess.

32. Chain Reaction Dance Freak (1980 Sound Of New York, USA)
A funky Disco thumper that never fails to get a party jumping. Huge breakdown with massive drums, growling bass and rhythm guitar.

33. Norman Connors Once I've Been There (1977 Buddah)
Fusion drummer Norman Connors' finest Disco production. Beautiful strings and falsetto vocals by "Prince" Phillip Mitchell, who also wrote the song.

34. Thelma Houston I'm Here Again (1977 Motown)
Produced and co-written by soulful song-writing team Mike and Brenda Sutton (of "Don't Let Go Of Me" fame), this stylish piece of Disco picks up from it's half-time opening into an uplifting epic.

35. Bionic Boogie Risky Changes (1977 Polydor)
The ultimate Gregg Diamond production - and a blueprint for House music with it's stomping four to the floor beat and gospel piano intro.

36. Zulema Change (1978 Lejoint)
Killer solo Disco release from Faith, Hope & Charity vocalist Zulema. Co-produced by Van McCoy of "The Hustle" fame.

37. The Choice Four Come Down To Earth (1977 RCA)
Disco epic from hugely successful producer Van McCoy. This track builds up to a lengthy breakdown which works a treat on the dancefloor. Mixed by David Todd who with Nick Martinelli went on to mix many classic boogie hits in the early eighties.

38. Gregg Diamond Danger (1979 TK Disco)
Gregg Diamond produced several Disco hits - of which this is one of the finest. Serious sections with frantic clavinet and menacing vocals alternate with lush, uplifting choruses.

39. Black Ivory Walking Downtown (1976 Buddah)
Epic, fast-paced Disco classic featuring the all-star team of Leroy Burgess, Russell Patterson and Stuart Bascombe. With it's relentless handclap driven break - a track that keeps picking up steam.

40. Silver, Platinum & Gold Just Friends (1976 Farr)
An early Disco track with a big sound. Released on the small independent Farr Records.

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