Monday, 24 August 2009

Forthcoming: Kirk Degiorgio B1223

Official EPM press release:

Kirk Degiorgio, the man behind Future Past and As One, continues to innovate with unique sounds and dancefloor friendly beats. The Isomer Shift EP is an uncompromising set of progressive dancefloor beats in the tradition of Craig, Saunderson and Beltram.

The four tracks are outstanding 21st century techno, an instant Degiorgio classic with typically syncopated dance beats, beautiful chords and rhythms that create mesmerising and energetic soundscapes.

On the A side, ‘Isomer Shift’ is a perfect example of Degorgio’s relentless rhythmical talents. Twisted beats, beautiful strings and chords combine to create a master work of futuristic funk. ‘Isidora’, the second track brings bigger and space-ier atmospheres to a club fulfilled beat.

The B side takes the future funk even deeper, great strings provide the backing for two tracks that see Degiorgio returning to his previous influences with rhythms and bass lines synonymous with Kirk’s much acclaimed earlier works.

Release date: 28th September 2009.

Audio clips to follow.

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