Monday, 29 June 2009

Top Ten June 2009:

a new regular feature where I'll be listing my top ten fave tracks at the end of each month:

June 2009:
(alphabetical order)

Andres: Change My Mind (Mahogoni)
Doktrin: Lilum (Limetree)
Gerald Mitchell: Los Sunshine (Ican Prod.)
Kirk Degiorgio: Mass (ART)
Kuba Sojka: Message From Earth (Matrix)
Reade Truth: Crimen Excepta (Planet E)
Samuel L. Session: Can You Relate (Slam RMX) (Soma)
Sons Of The Dragon: Evolution Of Qui Niu (QV313 RMX) (Echospace)
Vince Watson: Fluxion (Pseudo)
Voodeux: The Paranormal (Mothership)

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