Monday, 10 November 2008



I recently produced a recording session where we had access to a legendary "Beatles Desk" - the EMI REDD.51. Originally designed in 1959 and used by The Beatles until 1969's "Abbey Road", this 4-track mixing console has a unique sound, full of valve 'warmth' and pleasing distortion. 
Left and right sections hold the mic inputs, amps and EQ controls. The beautifully symmetrical centre section holds the VU meters, channel faders, pan and send/return controls plus main output faders. 
A true work of art - it's longevity and desirability, a testament to the EMI design team.

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Wesleman said...

It's fun to gaze at and meditate on this equipment for a long while, isn't it? One can feel the historical significance just by looking at photos of it.

Great pics and article!